Shade/Shape turns 2D elements into 3D rendered artwork!

Give your imagery volume and depth without the hassle of 3D modeling! Shade/Shape generates 3D models from your 2D graphical and picture elements using RE:Vision's powerful and proprietary shading-from-shape technology. The models are then lit and rendered in true 3D! Add further detailing to your 3D models by applying reflection and bump maps. As 2D elements merge and split in a sequence, ReelSmart™ Shade automatically merges and splits the geometry in an intuitve fashion!

Please visit our website at to download the demo and make sure Shade/Shape satsifies your needs and works in the application you will be using.


$89.95, 5/$382.29, 10/$719.60, 15/$1,011.94, 20/$1,259.30, 25/$1,461.69, 30/$1,619.10, 35/$1,731.54, 40/$1,799.00
Shade/Shape, render-only license

$17.99, 5/$76.46, 10/$143.92, 15/$202.39, 20/$251.86, 25/$292.34, 30/$323.82, 35/$346.31, 40/$359.80

Floating Licenses